It's 82 degrees at midnight and the air is thick with humidity and the smell of smoke.  Off in the distance you can see the glow of two wildfires, both of which were started by lightning.  Periodically you can hear the sounds of sirens as the firefighters continue to converge on the scene, it will be a busy night for them...

Flames-1.jpgThis fire is near Acton California.  There has been very little rain here over the last year and the fuel is thick.  Hot spots erupt around the edges of the blaze as it continues to expand.

Flames-2.jpgIn the canyon where the fire is at it's worst you can see the large pine trees ablaze.  The lights at the top left corner of the blaze are coming from a firefighting bulldozer as it's working down the ridge trying to create a fire break.  The terrain is very rough and steep.  We're fortunate to have a well trained group of very tough firefighters willing to take on a blaze like this.

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