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High Desert

It's been too long since my last entry...

Elizabeth and I recently had the opportunity to attend the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) conference.  It was inspiring and educational.  There were so many classes and ideas that you couldn't take it all in.  I will return and recommend all photographers take the time to go.

Since then we've been capturing images in a number of places.  Here's a few from a recent trip to Yermo, California and the old road to Las Vegas.

yermo (4 of 9).jpgYermo Road stretches out from Barstow heading north.  It's very quiet here because Interstate 15 bypassed this road years ago.  The mirages are beautiful and the Union Pacific tracks run next to the road for most of it's length.

yermo (1 of 9).jpgA UP coal train is pulling into the Yermo Yard.

yermo (3 of 9).jpgYermo has plenty of ruins to explore, the town is in an unfortunate state of decay.

yermo (2 of 9).jpgLooks like the Star won the War with Obie.

yermo (5 of 9).jpgOnce a stop on the busy highway to Las Vegas this abandoned resort lies empty of tourists.  We could only locate one resident...

yermo (6 of 9).jpgThis racer was around the side of the stone building.  Coming out of a barrel that was buried in the ground, Elizabeth said it looked like a rope until she saw the eyes.  It was calm and seemed just as interested in us as we were in it.

yermo (7 of 9).jpg

yermo (8 of 9).jpgNear Yermo Road were piles of rail scrap waiting for pickup.  The line was recently refurbished and magnets are used to pick up the metal for recycling.

yermo (9 of 9).jpgAt sundown a UP train heads north through Afton Canyon.  For us it was time to head home.

More entries to come soon...
So many photos, so little time.


It's 82 degrees at midnight and the air is thick with humidity and the smell of smoke.  Off in the distance you can see the glow of two wildfires, both of which were started by lightning.  Periodically you can hear the sounds of sirens as the firefighters continue to converge on the scene, it will be a busy night for them...

Flames-1.jpgThis fire is near Acton California.  There has been very little rain here over the last year and the fuel is thick.  Hot spots erupt around the edges of the blaze as it continues to expand.

Flames-2.jpgIn the canyon where the fire is at it's worst you can see the large pine trees ablaze.  The lights at the top left corner of the blaze are coming from a firefighting bulldozer as it's working down the ridge trying to create a fire break.  The terrain is very rough and steep.  We're fortunate to have a well trained group of very tough firefighters willing to take on a blaze like this.

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