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Pasadena at night

We decided to head for Pasadena earlier tonight to see if there were any places to take a few pictures.  It turns out that this city is very photogenic at night.  If you look around town, you may notice that things look different at night and some ordinary places turn almost magical.

Don't forget you'll need a tripod.  Take a flashlight to see your camera settings.  Make sure your batteries are fresh (long exposures use them up quickly).  Most of all, stay safe.

_DSC2930.jpgThe fountain next to the Pasadena Power Plant

_DSC2936.jpgBIIIIGG Chicken at a local restaurant

_DSC2965.jpgPasadena City Hall

_DSC2949.jpgThe MetroLink Gold Line, Memorial Park Station

station3.jpgAt night, these trains move fast...


Kelso Station

In the Mojave desert east of Barstow along the Union Pacific tracks is the town of Kelso.  The town was a water stop for the railroad and located near a spring.  The station became a restaurant to feed rail travelers and a bunkhouse for workers.  When the railroads switched to diesel, the town fell into ruin.  A few people still live here, but the location is quite desolate.  The town was known to be the last place in the US to get television.  In 2005 the station was renovated and is now a visitor center for the Mojave National Preserve.  The lunchroom will re-open soon for visitors to once again enjoy.



Cruise Night

Last night was the annual Glendale Cruise In.  The '39s were out in force.

Photo taken with a Sony R-1 mounted on a POD.

_DSC2880.jpgA Coke, a milkshake and some fries on the window of a '68 Mustang. The only thing missing was the car hop on rollerskates...

Candy Apple Red.

Great images are in the details...

Point Vicente

Point Vicente Lighthouse is located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California.

We made a plan during the week to head down to the beach and take some evening photos.  My friend Greg suggested meeting at the lighthouse.  It was a good landmark since we were all starting from different locations.  The weather was incredibly beautiful so we strolled along the cliff and decided to stay for the sunset.  The light was filtered by a low fog off the coast and a few high clouds were in perfect position for this shot.

Nikon D200, ISO 100, 105mm, F9, 1/5 sec.

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